Alexis Lee


Acrylic and oil pastel on board

68.5 x 53 x 4cmShips from United States of America


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About the Artist

Alexis Lee (b.1992, USA) is an American painter and sculptor who explores both the collective and personal unconscious through contemporary mythology and folklore. Pursuing unique iterations of the universal narrative, she studies archetypes and symbols in diverse cultures of storytelling to develop and re-shape the landscape of Chaos, the void before creation, transforming it into the private abyss of the unconscious, buried in our bodies like memory. The figures that wander this predatory plane are violently abbreviated or anatomically outrageous, capturing the spectral imprints of the human conditions as they work to overcome their vessels. Her work emerges through exposed layers of process, using gesture and resistance to form lines of destruction that collapse order, as markings passionately tell stories of their creation and of bodies caught in the act of becoming. Alexis lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.

About the Artwork

The knife paintings came from an idea I had when I was undergraduate. They came from a sudden urge and sensation to release work that existed beneath the surface of the material. The actions and gestures would rupture the unity of monochromatic grounds, releasing figures and shapes from their sleep.