Rebecca Parkin

Verdigris Green, 2021

Oil on flax

Painting51 x 36 x 2.5cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Rebecca Parkin (b.1973, UK) is a visual artist whose work explores feminine and sometimes masculine myths within popular culture, art history and mythology. Her current series splices together the popular figure of the witch and the siren proposing them as facets of the same story, an ambiguous and dualistic figure utilised historically by both reactionary and progressive agendas. Some of the fictions Rebecca explores begins with purposefully populist and overdetermined subjects, often seeking to subvert through detail. Throughout her investigations, an irrepressible, erotic feminine energy bubbles through. Rebecca looks to create an essence or texture within her fictional subjects which is abundantly and sensuously present, which arrests, holds captive the viewer. Rebecca lives and works in London, UK.

About the Artwork

Verdigris Green is a small painting which is part of an offshoot of my ‘Green Women’ series. I made a few of these exploring different shades of green which accompanied green colour charts which I made using grease paint (face paint). This series focused on permutations of colour on the one hand and on the other charts a cultural history through Greek myth, fairytale, horror film, science fiction and fantasy which has been populated with many mythical green skinned women.