Enric Freund

Untitled (Future Works), 2018

Acrylic and oil on canvas

Painting70 x 50 x 3cmSigned on ReverseShips from Germany


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About the Artist

Enric Freund (b. 1994, Germany) composes each of his work with a unique combination of energy. Enric look for the unique-ness of each thing, as well as its counterpart, its connections to the world.Every thing has a value for me, in that sense, that it is valuable and its existence is meaningful. Everything is valuable. It just has to get to the right place, where it can unfold its effect. In the knowledge, that there is not one answer to the questions of life, there open up numerous ways of possibilities. These ways of possibilities bring variety into the world. Painting allows Enric to capture these phenomena, because of it's medium which allows for time to get poured into it. In a painting things which usually don’t happen at the same time, or are not clearly connected to each other, can become as clear and obvious as they actually are in some points in (space) time. Enric lives and works in Bremen, Germany.