Maya Bloch

Untitled (Broken Hearts Bar), 2016

Graphite, colored pencils on canvas

Painting122 x 76 x 4cmShips from Israel


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About the Artist

Maya Bloch (b.1978, Israel) is a contemporary artist whose practice explores the manipulation of medium, allowing a products materiality to lead and guide her practice. Maya paints figures based on strangers’ family photographs, but the term ‘portrait’ doesn’t quite apply to her depictions of out-of-context, abstracted faces and bodies that seems to morph into formlessness. Working in acrylic, Bloch is known for flat, color-saturated, ghostly subjects that have been described as painterly with a photographic sheen and compared to the dehumanized figures of Marlene Dumas and Francis Bacon. Maya lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.