Badr Ali

Untitled, 2021

Oil paint, acrylic paint screen printed on canvas

Painting170 x 160 x 2cmShips from Germany


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About the Artist

Badr Ali (b.1992, Saudi Arabian/American) is a painter, living and working between Berlin, London and Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Badr’s work explores the use of the drawing as a cognitive tool of expression and investigation. In a collaboration with contemporary dancers; Badr created a method of recording their movements over a series of 5-15 second gestural drawings as they performed, capturing the essence of their performance and translating it into drawings that sustain critical information that denotes their movements. As a Painter that engages heavily with technical painting processes; Badr used these drawings as 'raw material’ to influence and generate new Paintings; utilising different techniques such as Silkscreen Printing and layering to further expand the dialogue on studio-based practices and the influence drawing has on informed decision making.