Catherine Lette

Unquilted, 2020

Acrylic on canvas

Painting90 x 90 x 4cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Catherine Lette (b.1979, British) is a contemporary visual artist whose work is concerned primarily with the figure and questioning the impact of contemporary life upon the body and mind. Inspired by current events and those who surround her, she draws and paints from life alongside memory, exploring embodiment and disembodiment in the real and virtual spaces we live in today. Her artistic influences are wide-ranging, she is a self-confessed magpie with a love of painting, from Tintoretto to Schutz and Quarles with an endless list in between. Catherline lives and works in London, UK.

About the Artwork

One of the pieces I have consigned is called ‘Unquilted’ and it is inspired by the psychology behind panic buying toilet roll.  It fascinated me that the pandemic led us into a place where toilet roll became the icon of a country’s anxiety and it was exploited by shops putting prize pyramids of Andrex in their window displays.  I was interested to read that panic buying toilet roll denotes general anxiety as opposed to specific worry.  I started to make sketches of figures surrounded by toilet rolls, grabbing onto them or running away with them.  This painting was developed from one of those sketches, in which the figure is frozen in a parody of movement, its limbs mimicking the palette and form of the toilet rolls.  I liked the sense that the figure had become subsumed by these objects, almost petrified, except for the claw-like markings in the hand.  There is nothing very real about this figure other than perhaps its direct gaze which I think references the reality of the situation that it has been placed in.  The title ‘Unquilted’ is a nod both towards the value system that is created around toilet rolls and the wider connotations of the word.