Scott Bauer

Undercurrents, 2020

Acrylic on canvas

Painting80 x 109 x 4cmFramedShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Scott Bauer (b.1972, UK) is a contemporary visual artist whose abstract works explore the articulation of linear strokes, blending strong primary colours and black and whites to achieve subtleties of tone. As a young child, Scott was taken to the Ringling Museum of Art in Florida, which has an astonishing collection of Renaissance and Baroque paintings. He had described it is as the most unlikely art collection one can imagine seen in the baking sun of the Gulf Coast. Having been incredibly moved by the experience, Scott became fascinated with art, majoring in art history and fine arts at university. For years he had worked in the arts as a specialist at Sotheby’s, a curator for a private collector and a gallery director. It was only a few years ago that Scott decided to pursue arts as a career, later studing painting at university in the United States and continued to dabble in portraiture and landscape painting. Scott lives and works in London, UK.

About the Artwork

An element of expressionism has been creeping into my work of late. Here the push and pull of the vertical rhythms has the effect of movement, like a big brush loaded with paint moving in both directions over the canvas. Like most of Scott’s work, the process of painting Undercurrents involved blocking in large areas of dark and light and then articulating thinner lines of colour and tone, blending strong primary colours with greys, blacks and whites to achieve the subtleties of tone throughout the work. The title is a reference to the way the work was originally formatted; turning the canvas 180 degrees during the process.