Pao-Leng Kung

tjo u tjo z/, 2017

Acrylic on canvas

Painting50 x 35 x 3cmSigned on ReverseShips from Taiwan


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About the Artist

Pao-Leng Kung (b. 1996, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese artist whose practice explores fragmentation, materiality, and colour embodied through her intuitive working process. Her recent body of work represents the transition between a positive and negative spaces on the canvas, choreographing a visual language through the erasure of colours and brush strokes. In her recent practise, she explores pictorial and sculptural space within painting, and also painting itself through multi-discipline, such as literature, architecture and philosophy. To interpret painting as object, in the meantime, imagine the spatial border (field) of painting: not a limited space but becoming a space on its own. Then, rigorously to question what does painting contain. Keep looking for a way of viewing painting, which is concealed yet all-pervasive. The entire creative process seems like decompressing digital files, unfolding the intricate layers of complex systems (space, object, painting) and spreading them out in a light and delicate manner, sometimes with dry humour. Pao-Leng lives and works in London, UK.