Jacopo Dal Bello

There was just a single cloud in the sky, 2022

Oil, oil pastel, acrylic, print, and pencil on canvas

Painting115 x 100 x 1cmShips from Germany


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About the Artist

Jacopo Dal Bello (b.1989, Italy) is a visual artist whose practice is transformed through the process of imagination and experimentation. The work develop the process of painting through drawing and drawing through painting. The influences and images come from different contexts; from the history of painting, popular culture and other types of visual communication. These will often coexist in a fragmentary and unsolved way, underlining the similarities and differences between them. Through the collision of historical and fictional moments, the elements are pushed out of their comfort zone and their narrative and history are questioned. In these constructions, pale arrangements of paper, text, pigment, and discarded personal belongings are artfully juxtaposed to create a place of memory and poetic evocation. The mark of the artist is found across canvas, paper, and textile delineated in rich expressive lines and shapes — a view into the alchemical process of making art. Jacopo lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

About the Artwork

There was just a single cloud in the sky is inspired by the way images are organized in books, in this case as if it were a study of something with different visual inputs from drawing, photography and graphics. However, the theme is fictitious or rather undefined as the images are not chosen for their similarity of context, despite some of the different elements suggest each other like the pencil scribble organized into a mountain shape. Instead their connection is constructed in their participation in what is still, though deconstructed, a figurative painting, in this case the “figure on a landscape” motif. This is part of an ongoing study of different types of figurative representation, of which are their building blocks and what is required for a work to be recognized as part of these categories.