Olayinka Salami

The Show Man, 2022

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Painting101.6 x 89 x 2cmShips from Nigeria


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About the Artist

Olayinka Salami (b. 1998, Nigeria) is a self-taught contemporary artist who lives in Lagos Nigeria and hails from the South-west part of Nigeria Ogun State. While growing up, Olayinka has seen differences between humanity which has made him criticize human acts with one another and also with their environment at large. He explores his art with various mediums such as charcoal, oil and acrylic paints, he then portrays his subjects to signify certain motions in accordance with his narrative which is getting humanity to understand mind control and how it is being affected by our environment. Olayinka has participated in various exhibition around the world in he UK and US. He is greatly influenced by the Art world in general and has gotten inspiration solely from great artists around him and he is looking more into being an icon who will represent unity among human race. As an artist he sees more in having great leads in the art world and hoping his narrative reach out to minds that need to feel it.