Yuyu Zhitong

The Ruthless Killer Always Wears a Veil At Night, 2019

Oil on canvas

Painting180 x 140 x 4cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Yuyu Zhitong (b.1993, China) is a contemporary artist whose aesthetics are influenced by the Asian liberation movement of the 1980-1990's. One that was characterised by a confluence of sentimentality, a nostalgia for the past, deep introspection, but also of liberation from conservative elements. As an artist, Yuyu seeks for a constant challenge to established modes of thought, emotion, and perception. Her collection is wildly diverse and experimental, seeking to explore different methods, juxtapositions of extremes to broaden her capabilities. Yuyu enjoys the contrast between a sense of whimsical mystery and childlike influence. Yuyu lives and works in London, UK.