Mizuki Nishiyama

The Pillow Book, 2022

Japanese ink on kinwashi paper

Painting44.5 x 30 x 1cmShips from Hong Kong


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About the Artist

Mizuki Nishiyama (b.1998) is a London based, mixed-Japanese artist, creating raw, vivid and multifaceted paintings that explore the fragile human condition. As a mixed-Japanese artist, Nishiyama draws inspiration from the East and West. Bridging her Hong Kong, Japanese and Italian cultural heritages. Embracing deeply personal experiences to craft each artwork: the artist’s ongoing relationship with anxiety and trauma has greatly influenced her practice, and has fuelled her to confront vulnerability, fragility and the human condition. Painting is a chaotic yet meditative process for Nishiyama that allows her to make sense of the more tempestuous periods in life. Nishiyama holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Central Saint Martins, and a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design. Her solo exhibitions include Shunga (2020) at Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong, An Exploration of Human Fragility: Love & Lust (2020) at the Tenri Cultural Institute of New York, and 脆い Moroi: An Exploration of Human Fragility (2019) at Greenpoint Gallery New York.

About the Artwork

(枕草子, Makura no Sōshi) This Japanese ink work is inspired by the Pillow Book, a collection of essays and poems written by court lady Sei Shonogan during the Heian period. Due to her standing as a woman in traditional Japanese society, these musings were kept private, acting as deeply intimate and vulnerable reflections of her repressed internal landscape.