Matthias Esch

System Structure (Falling), 2018

Oil and mother of pearl pigment on linen

Painting40 x 30 x 2cmShips from Germany


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About the Artist

Matthias Esch (b.1988, Germany) is a contemporary visual artist whose paintings are reduced to geometric ornaments and structures, with an aim to find an expression outside the concrete, precisely when words fail. Driven by his mistrust of language, he designs subjective systems that convey a metaphysical feeling rather than a message. The formal reduction in Matthias Esch‘s work is an expression of the moment when language and its semantics fail and must be operated with the help of other symbols and signs. The banality of the structure refers to a highly complex and no less subjective as well as calculated process, which in the last instance experiences an intimate disclosure of the unconscious. Matthias lives and works in Berlin, Germany.