Maria Kostareva

Strangers, 2020

Oil on canvas

Painting30 x 30 x 4cmShips from Russia


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About the Artist

Maria Kostareva (b. 1989, Tver region, Russia) is a visual artist who sees her practice as one of the many possible ways to describe everyday experiences of modern people in urban environments, depicting the experience of interaction between strangers. Maria reconstructs fragmentary episodes that themselves are insignificant, this way she seeks to emphasize the mutual connections between people and events, even if the trajectories of these links are not clear to us. Maria’s paintings oscillate between abstraction and representation; whereby, she is able to create timeless scenes that appear like half-remembered or imagined memories filled with a sense of nostalgia and longing. In her figurative abstract works, Maria focuses on the experience of 20th century artists, especially Richard Diebenkorn, Francis Bacon, as well as on the philosophical ideas of image theorists, such as Merleau-Ponty, Didi Huberman, Marion. Maria lives and works in Moscow, Russia.