Luc Paradis

Stay Light On Your Feet, 2016

Acrylic on panel

Painting137.5 x 107 x 4cmShips from Canada


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About the Artist

Luc Paradis (b. 1979, Canada) is a contemporary artist who borrows imagery from the historical avant-garde, translated into popular local language. His references to the artistic canon are often humorous, preferring to identify with subcultures and dreamworlds. The work of Luc Paradis moves in and out of various media at a rhythmic and steady pace. This multifaceted practice includes painting, sculpture and drawing. Collage serves as a guiding principle, appearing both independently as individual works and as the preface to the assemblage and installation of the various elements of his oeuvre. Paradis’ interest in collage suggests the Bauhausian axiom of the total work of art - where design, craft and fine art meet and the distinctions between various creative endeavours are blurred. Luc lives and works in Québec, Canada.