Caleb Weintraub

Soaking School, 2022

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Painting149.8 x 200.7 x 1cmShips from United States of America


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About the Artist

Caleb Weintraub (b.1977 United States) describes himself as a relentless doodler. He begins his work with splotches and splashes of mark and color and relies on his imagination to excavate shapes and imagery from the muddle. He likens his practice to an extension of a childhood game in which one person scribbles a shape and the next turns the scribble into a recognizable image. His paintings hover between improvisation and determination. He depicts a world in flux, conjuring a hypothetical reality suffused with myth, mystery, and metaphors for longing, loss, and fragility. In his most recent work, Weintraub integrates artificial intelligence into traditional painting practice, involving AI at almost every step from conception to construction to evaluation.