Tamim Sibai

Smooth But Heavy, 2019

Oil on canvas

Painting100 x 80 x 4cmShips from Germany


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About the Artist

Tamim Sibai (b.1991, Syria) is a Syrian artist whose practice evokes viewers to face one’s own thoughts and feelings. Influenced by dialogue with the other(s), encountered behaviours, masks and mirror images, Tamim’s painted portraits reflect a mixture of the painted person’s image and the artist’s own feelings towards that person. His paintings style is colourful and he favors thick layers of oil paint as a technique. The colours are aggressive and applied out of free movement. Tamim’s paintings are lively and serious at the same time. Despite the wild and expressionist tone, the figures transpire a certain sense of calm. Their eyes are motionless and rigid. Tamim lives and works in Berlin, Germany.