Germán Bel

Roller Landscape 7, 2021

Acrylic on paper

Painting50 x 70 x 1cmShips from Spain


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About the Artist

Germán Bel Ferrándiz (b.1972, Spain) also known as Fasim is a self-taught painter. From a very early age, he started working in urban art, where he will be one of the pioneers of the Spanish scene. Henry Chalfant played an important role in Germán's career and will be a key piece in his later artistic development. Germán met Futura 2000 in Barcelona, from whom he learned the artistic creations on canvas and the beginning of urban art, today known as street art, in Europe. In 1992, the artist traveled to Paris to the studio of JonOne and the BadBC at the Hôpital éphémère where he lived for a few days and contemplated the process of creation on canvas and the emergence of urban art in art galleries. He also joined the 156allstarz group. Germán dwells within urban expressionism, although his current work is difficult to categorize. Germán lives and works in Valencia, Spain. To request additional works please contact