Shannon Bono

Rhianne, 2020

Oil and acrylic on dyed canvas

Painting100 x 100 x 4cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Shannon Bono (b.1995, UK) s a visual artist, MA Art & Science graduate from Central Saint Martin’s University and an Associate Lecturer at UAL, living and working in London. Shannon identifies as an Afrofemcentrist, a term that describes a consciousness that asserts race, sex and art as a way of living, where black women are the subject depicted by a black women. As a painter, Shannon is invested in producing layered figurative compositions, embedded with symbolism that centralises black womanhood as a source of knowledge and understanding. She is enamoured by African spiritually and takes inspiration from Christian iconography and the Renaissance art, employing its purposes of cultural impact, liturgy and instruction for an improved society. Exploring the internal parts of the body, she goes back to her scientific educational background and merges the design of notable fabrics from west and central Africa with biological structures and chemical processes in living organisms. She uses the body to act as a second canvas, including surrealist cues to work as ‘artivisms’ (art+activism) against oppressive forces, share muted narratives and celebrate black female culture. She views the body as a powerful signifier that provokes dialogue, playing with pose, gesture and the gaze to change reality. Shannon lives and works in London, UK.