Charlie Chesterman

Recurrence, 2018

Oil, collage, umbrella, hessian, filler, acrylic, string, spray paint, and carpet on two canvases

Painting209 x 202 x 4cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Charlie Chesterman (b.1996, UK) predominantly explores through his works a aspects of popular culture to satirise contemporary rituals and occurrences. The core motivation is critical and judgmental; satire is open, truthful, direct and ridicules. Over the last year, Charlie has increasingly approached paintings as reliefs, interested in creating this delusion of perspective. Charlie has always been captivated by dramatic visual art, works that employ immediate impact, finding himself preoccupied by a pictorial plot; It is imperative to have a sense of time within the form in order to play with parody. Charlie lives and works in --