Ines Zenha

Reconciliation, 2021

Acrylic on canvas

Painting150 x 114 x 4cmShips from Portugal


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About the Artist

Inês Zenha (b.1995, Portugal) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work divides in a wide range of media: sculpture, ceramics, assemblage-installation and painting. Her practice rethinks the body of painting as her own. A body that is confronted with social constructs, normativeness, and trauma. A body that is in a constant effort to create space for itself, to break its stablished physical boundaries. A body that is free from representation. Using the support language of both painting and space, she destroys, deconstructs and rebuilds the inside parts of a house, like the inside of her-selves creating abstract scenarios of different identity struggles. The essence of her work, lies behind the performance in its process. The weight, the scale, the movement, the archetypal gender colours, the fragility and plasticity of certain materials - all of these play a role in her language of the struggle between her as a lesbian woman artist and the structure that surrounds her. She was nominated for the Clyde and Co Art Awards, London and Takifuji Art Award, Japan. Inês lives and works in Lisboa, Portugal.