Bowes Parris Gallery

Plastic Beach, 2020

Fleur Simon

Epoxy Resin and pigment on plywood

Painting18.5 x 15 x 4cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

London based gallery Bowes-Parris was founded by Cassandra Bowes to showcase the most exciting emerging and early-career contemporary artists. The gallery holds exhibitions every month, specialising in group exhibitions that explore various themes and different conversations around social change, and with an ethos that focuses on accessibility and transparency. Working with some of the most prestigious collectors across the globe as well as a new generation of collectors, we specialise in socially conscious collecting, building collections that are truly diverse and representative.

Wet Paint explores the narrative of abstract painting through the work of eight emerging women artists with stylistically varied practices. These artists approach abstraction from varying angles, telling a story that ranges from a focus on the formal qualities of paint to exploring deep expressions of self. The exhibition aims to voice the nuances that exist in painterly language and look at the state of contemporary painting via the lens of art history as well as the immediate conversations concerning painting in 2020.

Participating artists include: Alyina Zaidi, Bella Marr, Connie Burlton, Emily Moore, Fleur Simon, Francesca Mollett, Kate Dolan, Selin Uyar.