Lily Kemp

Planting Seeds, 2019

Acrylic on canvas

Painting120 x 150 x 4cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Lily Kemp (b. 1997, UK ) explores through her practice how women, in particular women of colour, are represented in visual culture and within art history. She is critical of the female nude within art history, the hyper sexualisation of the female body in the media and the exoticism and fetishisation of women of colour. Through her works, Lily offers an alternate gaze to the traditional cis male-centred gaze. Collage plays a central role in her process as the women are sourced from mass media. Lily is interested in changing the narrative and presenting women as the subject rather than object - taking the images of women from fashion magazines and re-representing them in an agricultural/industrial work context. Lily lives and works in London, UK.