Sam Creasey

Overheads and Volleys, 2021

Oil on Fabriano paper

Painting42 x 54 x 2cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Sam Creasey (b. 1993, UK) is a British painter whose works explore the act of making as a purgative and introspective act. As an artist situated within an abrasive and bustling metropolis like London, Sam utilises his art practise to make sense of the pace and complexities of the physical environment and the more technological networked spaces that make up the urban landscape. The relationship between human emotion and architecture and the required sociological considerations of urban planning influences the narratives portrayed in his paintings. These narratives often consist of construction, gentrification advertising, rapid change and a sense of alienation. Urbanist Richard Sennett proposed that ‘Places’ are static and can be thought of as environments that we dwell in. ‘Spaces’ on the other hand are to be moved through. Working as a multi drop supermarket delivery driver, Sam often sees the city space in motion, from the road and with the mode of labour in mind. Like a fly on the wall, this job offers a snapshot into the lives and localities of various others far and wide around the city. Thinking about this employed labour like performance or research as opposed to duty is key to the way Sam works. Using a kind of psychogeography within his painting practise and employment helps to unlock what isn’t always on the surface of the city fabric - the underbelly. With this in mind, Sam is for his paintings to portray municipal life in the present as surreal, jaded and jagged like the steel concrete and glass that forms its parts. Sam lives and works in London, UK.