Caio Marcolini

ORG168, 2020

Brass wire weave

Sculpture110 x 120 x 25cmShips from Portugal


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About the Artist

Caio Marcolini (b. 1985, Brazil) is an artist and jewel designer. He researches the material and the ethereal, creating objects through a weaving process created by himself. Caio Marcolini’s artistic works confuse itself with his labor and background in the fields of jewelry, art and design. If we can surely imagine the contradictions and particularities of such disciplines, what Caio does is precisely blur those borders, by moving its creations in and out such discursive spaces. Caio lives and works in Oporto, Portugal.

About the Artwork

ORG168 – Cologne was the first one of my series, it started when I began to master the technique of weaving the metal weft. Initially, I made the tubes with a pattern and metric for each knit. At the end, the mouths (suction cups) and the mouth (flower). The volumes appear in the linear of the tube, increasing, decreasing, creating movements.

The Cologne series is composed by the grouping of diverse works in multiple compositions. They have a life of their own, being able to function alone or gathered in the form of a colony – hence its name.