Taylor Thomas

On This Stone, I Do I Do, 2019

Acrylic, pastel, and collage on canvas

Painting173 x 152.5 x 4cmShips from United States of America


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About the Artist

Taylor O. Thomas (b.1990, USA) is an American painter who explores through her practice the use of gestural painting to manifest her daily experiences, ways of seeing, and the interconnection between the body and the mind. Taylor roots her practice in an attempt to unify self- expression with ongoing discovery. She develops her tactile images by observing forms around her and intuitively manipulating the materials that accrue within her studio. Through her work and process, she questions: Where do our collective ideas of mind-body connectedness stand today? What is the value of preserving the physical in a digital age? And how might gestural abstraction be utilised as a mode of contemporary communication? Taylor lives and works in Florida, USA.