James Dearlove

Man Walking Dog, 2021

Acrylic on cardboard

Painting42 x 42 x 2cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

James Dearlove (b.1975, British) is a contemporary painter who lives and works on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, UK. His work presents a twilit, chimerical realm haunted by figures, animals and hybrids. He is preoccupied with how humans leave a trace of their presence on the world; the way a body can electrify a room, or the trajectory of a figure running across a park. When painting the intimate, visceral reality of light falling on flesh or bodies coalescing with their surroundings, he seeks at the same time to uncover more metaphysical and sometimes more violent aspects of the human presence. Ultimately he seeks to explore both the desire and the disquietude in the human experience through his own experience as a queer man living and working both in the heart of the city and more recently in rural isolation.

About the Artwork

Although I now live in the countryside I used to live in the heart of the city and many of my paintings (including this one) have a nostalgia for that time in my life. A few years before I moved out of London I rescued my dog Mouse from Battersea Dog’s Home. Bringing Mouse into my life was probably the most beneficial thing I ever did for my mental health. This piece harks back to the early morning walks we would go on together in the huge urban parks of South London where you can be surrounded by grass and trees but with the towerblocks rising up in the distance caught by the rising sun.