Jack Sutherland

Listening Map, 2020

Oil on canvas

Painting40 x 30 x 4cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Jack Sutherland (b.1989, British) depicts through his paintings themes surrounding the human condition. Frustrating, humorous, nihilistic, silly moments taking place within the theatre of the absurd. Explorations of bodily anxiety and trepidation are paired with fizzing and playful use of colour to create work that prods at the soft underbelly of the uncanny. Jack lives and works in London, UK. To request additional works please contact specialist@aucart.com

About the Artwork

In ‘Listening Map’, I was thinking a lot about maps and finding oneself, and the possibility that the tool you are using to find yourself (i.e. a map) is actually making you more lost. A case of “I am 100% certain that I am standing here.”, when in fact you are 250 metres down the valley on the other side of the river and you are in fact an idiot. Then you convince yourself that this path is the path and you have to keep convincing yourself that you’re going the right way. Anyway, that was a starting point for the use of maps and map imagery in some of my recent paintings.

With this work in particular I wanted to paint someone who had become the map that they were looking at; I’m not sure if I ever wanted anything on the map so it also became a folded piece of paper, or a mask, or some sort of barrier between the viewer and the subject. It could be the back of a map that’s only been printed on one side, there could be information on the other side of the paper that is deliberately withheld from the viewer, or the viewer could be seeing this map person as totally lost and completely blank.To add to this “lost” theme I wanted to use the traditional elements of landscape and sky (green and blue), but in rotating them 90 degrees things have been skewed; the blue ear wants to return home to the blue sky and the green ear wants to return to the green, but do they have to move to opposite sides of the head or does the whole head need to rotate? Or does the world need to turn?