Diana Motta

Lies Are Built With Truth, 2022

Casein on canvas

Painting152 x 119 x 2cmShips from United States of America


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About the Artist

Diana Motta (b.1985, Brazil) is a visual artists whose practice explores abstract expressionist paintings and meditation paintings. She acknowledge that they are completely different from each other. The extreme positioning of chaotic and gentleness reflects her temperament. Outside of the studio, Diana is a spiritual influencer, practicing kabbalah and astrology, as well as being a columnist for Harpers Bazaar Brazil. The ambiguous relationship between the linear and the background in her paintings, furthers Diana’s goal in striving to create a dynamic, hybrid form that suggests the beauty and power - as well as the complicated questions of mysticism and the cosmic. As an artist, researcher, spiritual guide and thinker, Diana’s paintings are more than just paintings. They become objects of connection. Also expressed is an interest around the intersection of new expressionism and new mysticisms. Utilising all manner of brushes, implements, and tools to create loosely controlled marks. Diana’s large-scale abstract paintings in particular, are created solely by gesture, exploring the liquid, the physical properties of paint and the accidental, chance based by-products of a method based on living at risk.

About the Artwork

My art practice is often found by different ideas that develop themselves into series. Particularly for this series the materials I use to paint make way into the concept behind it. In this body of work I use water as a vehicle. Water is my medium, and the paint binder I use is casein. Casein is milk protein. The materials inform the concept of the work. That’s why I named this series ‘Genesis’. Much of my practice is informed by my daily life. Spirituality has been in my life for so many years so it’s only natural that it crossed my path in the studio. It’s a recognition. Milk has the energy of sharing, of creation, a force that nourishes and sustains life, attributes that are also found in the element of water.