Lemon Laydee, 2021

Paper, acrylic, and oil pastel on wooden panel

Painting122 x 122 x 4cmShips from United States of America


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About the Artist

Cyph (b.1987 USA) is a self-taught visual artist and emcee from New Orleans. He has been creating since the age of six, with direction from his grandmother, Rosemary, founder of the “Ya-Ya” art enrichment program. Cyph’s work exhibits a method of give, take, and sacrifice. He began his creative pursuits professionally as a musician, and has since returned to visual art, creating art that embodies the true spirit of an endless stream of curiosity that surrounds him. Oscillating between the figurative and abstract, his work is a reflection of the schizophrenic nature of the modern mind. Where one critic may see evidence of Rothko, another sees Degas. Cyph lives and works in New Orleans, USA.

About the Artwork

This piece is from my experience with the floodings in New Orleans and a broken infrastructure, the injustice and the feeling of just barely being above water while also through the abstraction, colors and figures showing unity within the black family and my family experience. The constant resilience of a people with very very limited resources and them making the best out of getting handed lemons.