Victoria Benson

Inside the Fruit Tree 3, 2022

Ink on watercolor paper

Painting120 x 90 x 1cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Victoria Benson (b.1964, British/Israeli) is a visual artist who has been gradually consolidating her artistic vision through intensive painting and sculpture practice since 2013 where she began following her main calling, visual art. Victoria drew inspiration from art historical and personal multicultural sources to explore through painting and drawing the psychological states of human mind. The other important subject of her practice is to investigate the universal connection between old and new ideas and values inside European culture. Her approach could be described as modernist, using intuition to guide construction of Victoria's paintings. Founded interchangeable shapes are the leading force for building her imagery. Earned experience with the medium of paint helps Victoria to express these thoughtful and emotional concepts while allowing the viewer to make their own associations and responses. Victoria lives and works in London, UK.

About the Artwork

Victoria Benson’s “ fig tree” triptych is in part a metaphor for the creative process itself. The first image is about an encounter and an enchantment, the second is about dealing with the act of creation, and the third is about a moment of fruition, literally bearing fruit. The painterly language of these works calls to mind modernist , and in some parts cubist painting . The artist makes sure that the qualities of these paintings seduces and enraptures you . These are works about the nature of the creation, as well as being seductive works about nature, they are about the pleasure and difficulty one encounters when involved in the act of painting. They are both metaphorically and structurally rich works that relish in their existence.