Loren Erdrich

In Praise of Comfort II, 2021

Water, raw pigment, organic and synthetic dye and watercolour on muslin

Painting61 x 55.8 x 4cmShips from United States of America


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About the Artist

Loren Erdrich (b.1978, USA) leans towards moments which dissolve the separation between outside and inside, me and you, this world and other-worldly. Figures are as apt to meld with their environment as they are with another human. Each piece resides at the merging point of interiority and intersubjectivity, of desire solicited and desire articulated, existence and extinction. Loren lives and works in NY, USA.

About the Artwork

Throughout the past year as we experienced the coronavirus pandemic I thought a lot about the importance of comfort especially in times when comfort couldn’t always be given by physical proximity.  And how much we collectively yearned for it.  Praise of Comfort II is a reminder of this importance.