Yasmin Moore Milne

I Think She’s Dreaming, 2020

Gouache and oil pastel on paper

Painting30 x 21 x 2cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Yasmin Moore Milne (b.199,UK) explores through her practice motifs of human activity, gestures and the movement of the body. She is fascinated by the grounding, familiar and liberating nature of a bodily presence and how this can be represented through art. Yasmin is interested in Figurative painting and the visionaries throughout history who have changed its representation, meaning and aesthetic. Yasmin lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

About the Artwork

I Think She’s Dreaming was a piece I made during the first lockdown in my make shift studio at home. The imagery taken for this was of a surreal image of a nude lady lying arched over a grassy hill, open to the landscape which surrounded her. It felt as though she was surrendering and connecting to the natural environment she was in, and that idea felt relatable at a time when natural causes of the pandemic were forcing us all to surrender to it.