Liam Bradley

Houses on a Hill, 2021

Soft pastel and gesso on paper

Drawing27 x 21 x 4cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Liam Bradley (b.1997, Irish) is a contemporary visual artist whose works depict a fervent fixation in the beauty and romance of shadows. Liam navigates different modes of painting and drawing, pursuing an endless search to find ways of creating new textures and depth through his chosen materials. Forcing wet acrylic paint to recede into the weft and weaves of raw linen; replacing the applied brush mark with a tooth of the fabric as the new textural property. Fifteen coats of gesso on board, a velvety surface topped with lush wet brush marks built up and broken down, pushed and pulled to animate the space that has succumbed to the darkness of shadows. Null of any human presence, Liam likes to believe the shadows and specks of light entertain the space as characters. Dazzling and glinting around the grass and trees, a single warm lamp burning in a house that lies asleep in the midnight hour, a slit of light from the bedroom door crawling at your feet like a high tide cause by the moon. It’s interesting to me how the fleeting movement of light can utterly change the dynamic and atmosphere of a scene, like how one brush stroke can make or break a painting. Liam lives and works in Derry, UK. To request additional works please contact