Al Petelin

Her, 2019

Oil on canvas

Painting80 x 60 x 4cmShips from Russia


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About the Artist

Al Petelin is a contemporary self-taught young artist who works mainly in painting and graphic. According to the artist, the main theme is not defined, but the most important things for the artist are beauty and balance. The artist does not particularly like to reveal the details of his life, as well as to reveal and talk about the meaning and ideas of his works, assuming that everything necessary is already in the work. "all questions and answers, what is needed and not, the end and the beginning." ‘I do not like to explain anything and in general, all these long deep expressions and statements about ideas, philosophy and attempts to explain, the main thing for me is "beauty and balance" with all its grandeur, paradoxicality and chaos, and the work itself, it has everything you need and not, it has the beginning and the end, questions and answers. The explanations and words according to my deep conviction drive all understanding and feelings into a certain framework'