Lauren Brown

Glitch, 2022

Oil on canvas

Painting150 x 120 x 2cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Lauren Brown (b.1997, British) is a painter that currently investigates the subjects of the body, identity and the self. The process involves painting experimental maps of internal spaces each painting becoming a manifestation of an internal universe. Her use of bright and bold colours combined with voluptuous shapes, creates an arresting visual impact that commands attention, to the hidden complexities of our inner world and the intersections between the body, desire and identity.

About the Artwork

Glitch was a starting point for my latest paintings. Initially, it was finished and left untouched for months until I discovered medical books on infectious diseases and the human body, which inspired me to paint back into it. This decision proved to be transformative, and the resulting piece serves as a significant inspiration for all latest works.