Adam S. Forsythe

For The Leafy Gent, 2023

Acrylic on canvas

Painting100 x 85 x 2cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Adam S. Forsythe (b.1981, UK) is a visual artist who is fascinated by the power of storytelling and how it shapes our understanding of the world around us. In particular, Adam is interested in folktales and unexplained phenomena and how the two are connected. He explores this through paintings, which often feature monsters, cryptids, and aliens. By depicting these fantastical creatures, Adam aims to challenge viewers' assumptions about what is real and what is imaginary. At the same time, he draws on traditional storytelling techniques to create narratives that comment on contemporary themes and issues. In addition to these traditional techniques, Adam incorporates AI tools into his practice, allowing him to generate new perspectives and imagine artificial folklore. Through Adam's work, he hopes to create a unique artistic visions that invite viewers to engage with their own stories and beliefs - blurring the lines between fact and fiction and creating a space where the imagination can roam free, and new possibilities can be imagined.