Jonathan Small

Fan X (Faye), 2018

Laser-cut perspex, steel, and pigment dye

Sculpture53.5 x 105 x 8cmShips from United States of America


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About the Artist

Jonathan Small (b.1994, USA) explores through his current artistic practice a reimagined image of the folded fan through modern techniques found in practices of sculpture, drawing and engraving. Referencing his Japanese heritage, Jonathan depicts scenarios of desire, love and violence through his works that are often otherwise difficult to express. Used to convey hidden messages within their designs, ancient Japanese fans represent devices of communication to hide one’s true emotion from society. Once opened, the fan becomes a motif of deception, a marker of a human instinct to oscillate between hiding and revealing our own image. By reimagining the form and function of folding fans, Jonathan challenges their associative qualities as delicate or flamboyant items and re-establishes them as weapons of defence. His works behave differently dependent on their surroundings and implicate their audience in a self-reflective environment. Jonathan lives and works in LA, USA.