Ellen Akimoto

Family Moving Day, 2014

Oil on canvas

Painting150 x 100 x 4cmShips from Germany


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About the Artist

Ellen Akimoto (b. 1988, USA) is a contemporary artist whose paintings radiate the joy of unburdened making. In them one finds drippings and strokes in the manner of action painting directly next to sections that portray a curtain so plastically that one believes one could actually feel the velvety surface, or monochrome surfaces in the style of Suprematism appear in the same image as apparently strictly naturalistic objects that remind one of the painting of the New Objectivity. Perspective and light are put to use to both convince and irritate, creating and breaking spatial illusion. Akimoto does not merely quote stylistic devices from the repertoire of the earlier history of painting but also places them in surprising, witty relationships to each other, transforming them in their connection into something new. Ellen lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.