Guy Haddon Grant

Erased Head No. 2, 2019

Bronze and steel

Sculpture49 x 25 x 25cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Guy Haddon Grant (b. 1986, UK) is a British visual artist whose monochromatic sculptures and drawings lie at the boundary between abstraction and figuration. Haddon Grant’s works are inspired by natural organic forms and the human figure, extending his use of charcoal in his drawings, but rather than direct marking, he coaxes candle soot across the paper, responding to it in an expressive, meditative process. Exploring what he could leave out while creating the impression of the whole – relying on instinct to create more gestural and expressive drawings – led Haddon Grant to focus on the abstract qualities in the pieces, this undercurrent in his work becoming increasingly significant when he returned to London from Florence. Guy currently lives and works in London, UK.