Sebastian Villabona

Entre Sueños y Realidades III, 2021

Acrylic, oil stick, oil pastel and spray paint on raw canvas

Painting125 x 95 x 1cmShips from Colombia


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About the Artist

Sebastian Villabona (b.1987, Colombia) is a visual artist whose works are based on an exploration of color, form, and materiality. The relations between these create juxtapositions, differences and meetings that seek to coexist in one space. Among balances and asymmetries, to geometric shapes and others more organic he searches for points of interaction to form the painting. In reference to his works, there is a constant observation of the city; it’s shapes, materiality, textures, and colors act as a base to frame an abstract language. Nevertheless, he looks for ways to manipulate or modify these references to create or recreate other meanings, instead of translating directly these observations. In his recent works, he is searching for playfulness and chaos to allow and encourage experimentation and spontaneity to his process. Sebastian lives and works between Sweden and Colombia.