Eve Baker Wilbraham

Early Dreams, 2021

Oil on canvas

Painting118.9 x 84.1 x 1cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Eve Baker Wilbraham (b.2001, UK) is a contemporary visual artist whose work evokes a particular sense of place or recognition that merges into an ethereal atmosphere. Balancing mysticism with physicality, the paintings create tension between us and the subject matter. A feeling of fleeting moments in time, or delicate memories intertwine with elements distorted from reality. Working in oil, she builds up layers of paint to reflect an interest in the emotional layers that are held by the spaces we inhabit. A vivid emotive quality plays out on the surface. The work holds a sense of tranquility and intrigue as the eye is drawn through the different layers of paint. Eve sees the canvas as a permanent space for her to play with ideas of impermanence and memory and create a new space that is comforting yet also restless in its sensuous nature. Considering the images as an essence of a moment in time has helped her to develop and define her technique with paint and consider the journey the work takes from start to finish. Eve lives and works in Glasgow, UK.

About the Artwork

 Whilst painting ‘Early Dreams’ I was able to really explore how I could layer the paint onto canvas. The piece is about all the memories and brief encounters that one space can hold. Colour plays a big part in how I remember certain moments and I wanted to convey that feeling of new light that we experience in the morning. I was reading ‘The poetics of Space’ by Bachelard whilst working on this piece and his ideas about what emotions certain spaces hold really stuck with me. He speaks about the family home as this place of comfort and nostalgia and I wanted that atmosphere to run through the painting and emit this sensitive energy to the viewer.