Alba Hodsoll

Double Cream, 2018

Edition of 6Sculpture17 x 28 x 29cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Alba Hodsoll (b.1990, UK) is a British artist living and working in London. Intimacy is at the forefront of Alba Hodsoll’s graphic works in paint and ink, where crisp lines and restrained colour palettes combine with the negative space of the canvas to produce a distinctive vision of feminine physicality. Opening up a space of interaction between ‘nakedness’ and ‘nudity’ and between touch and no touch and exchange, just as she plots a delicate course between the figurative and the abstract, Hodsoll poses questions about the synthetic and the bodily, as well as human and non-human nature, increasingly employing unconventional materials like plaster, resin and silicone. Hodsoll’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures explore the representation and consumption of sex in contemporary society. Hodsoll challenges the casual attitudes towards sexual activity disseminated by pornography, dating apps, and popular culture. Her work occupies the hazy middle ground between figuration and abstraction; paintings such as UNTITLED (2017) present an abstracted view of sex, leaving it to the viewer to determine what the discrete monotone forms distributed across the canvas might in fact represent. Using simplified lines, muted colors, and voluptuous forms, sex in Hodsoll’s work is viewed at awkward angles that highlight the beauty of inelegance and destabilize the careful and unrealistic framing of sexual performances in mass media. Portrayed without anatomical accuracy, these obscure body parts present an ambiguous image and enable the viewer to identify details or lose themselves in abstraction.