Phillip Reeves

Domestic Bliss, 2020

Oil on aluminum dibond

Painting80 x 110 x 1cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Phillip Reeves (b.1985, UK) works primarily with stories and narratives and have become increasingly interested in how clothing can become a costume for a character to be recognised in and reacted to according to predetermined behavioral tropes within a scenario. Taking the psychology of fashion as an undercurrent, Phillip features people and objects in works multiple times, seeing them as reoccurring characters on different sets perhaps akin to a time traveling soap opera. Phillip likes to produce work about ideas he hears, things he reads, especially stories. If the stories have been falsely elaborated - then Phillip likes them even more. The idea of making a record of history or a third hand account perhaps wayward from the truth interests him - but not with all Phillip's works. Some of the works are a private joke. Phillip lives and works in London, UK.