Ben Stephenson

Constant Summer State, 2019

Oil and pigment on canvas

Painting70 x 40 x 4cmShips from Mexico


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About the Artist

Ben Stephenson (b.1990, UK) is a British artist exploring notions and misconceptions of the Exotic, especially that which has been mystified and romanticised throughout the canons of Eurocentric art history. These misrepresentations of the exoticised Other and their natural environment, as well as how we may perceive ourselves as an outsider to this sense of Otherness, led him to travel to Latin America where he has explored diverse holistic views and animistic belief systems of indigenous communities. In doing so he is considering how they may confront a more individualistic western perspective. His work explores notions of shared history and the human experience. In essence how the viewer can relate to and empathise with the imagined Other through stories and images. He is interested in the ways in which these stories transform as living things in themselves and so he combines sourced images with observational drawings to create fantastical narratives referencing folk-lore and myths to create a kind of fantastic realism much like the self-mythologizing of the artists he pays homage to. Ben lives and works in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. To request additional works please contact