Kin & Company

Cascade Mobile 2, 2019

Steel with black oxide patina, bronze and satin rose patina, and black oxide and red oxide patina

Sculpture267 x 152.5 x 2cmShips from United States of America



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About the Artist

Kin & Company is the design practice of cousins Joseph Vidich (b.1978, USA), a Columbia University-trained architect with a deep knowledge of metalworking and fabrication, and Kira de Paola (b.1981, USA), an interior designer with a background in high-end furniture. Kin & Company thrives on material experimentation, developing their body of research into oxidation and patinas as a distinct surface treatment. Grounded in precision and strong attention to detail, their latest collections push the limits of steel even further. Inspired by the overlapping circles, arcs and planes of Russian Constructivism, they take simple, fundamental geometry and find moments to subvert the form in order to create kinetic and expressive objects. Kin & Company is based in New York, USA.

About the Artwork

An undulating composition of discs, rings, and half moons cascade from large sweeping arcs to create a hypnotic hanging sculpture. Surface textures that recall illuminated stars, dusty planet surfaces or shimmering comet tales, circle in orbit as the viewer travels around the mobile.