Sara Benninga

Carried Away 2, 2022

Oil on canvas

Painting140 x 200 x 1cmShips from Israel


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About the Artist

Sara Benninga (b.1982, Israel) is a contemporary painter focusing on the human figure and narrative. In her work Benninga constructs paintings dealing with subjects of femininity, sexuality, experience, and psychological tension, also which refer to the history of art and culture. While relating to the past, these contemporary narratives evade a definitive meaning, thus enticing the viewer to tell his or her own story. This is a reflexive action – which is metaphoric of painting itself: an art that reflects what you see. Viewing is interpretation. Sara lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel.

About the Artwork

I am interested in the idea of being carried. I used to like to lean on people – well – lean on my partner – for instance. As if I were tired, and had to be carried. So, the woman being carried by two figures – she is inspired by this feeling. It is also a question of boundaries – think of the phrase – “carried away” – it can be meant literally, but it can also mean overstepping one’s limits, getting carried away (another tendency I have). So what is it?