Bum Steer Heap, 2018

Acrylic and house paint on canvas

Painting119 x 165 x 4cmShips from United Kingdom




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About the Artist

Mike S Redmond (b.1987, UK) and Faye Coral Johnson (b.1988, UK) are collaborative artists behind the duo MSR FCJ, whose multi-disciplinary practice experiments within fields of drawing, book art, painting, sculpture and installation. Their collections dare to explore all manner of odd but enchanting circumstances.Themes of unbridled romance, mild horror, biting humour and plain weird fantasy unfold. Two brains and two hands work as one, a process that loosens any pre-visions, leading down a path to the unknown, in a direction they could never forsee. Through an experimental exchange, somewhere between the chaos and harmony of melding visual ideas, MSR FCJ consciously push traditional concepts of draftsmanship in favour of personal styles of figuration. They challenge these classical methods in order to present an intensely personal view of the world around them. MSR FCJ live and work in Manchester, UK.