Madelynn Green

Three Children, 2018

Oil on paper

Painting59.4 x 84.1 x 2cmShips from United Kingdom




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About the Artist

Madelynn Green (b.1993, USA) is a visual artist whose works explore the politics of representation and documentation as central themes to her practice, as is the proliferation of counter-hegemonic images. Her paintings of marginalised narratives address themes of memory, domesticity, nostalgia, and most recently crowd dynamics. Working primarily in painting, she pulls personal and archival images out of obscurity and reinterprets reference material through the pictorial language of painting. She distorts color, lighting, and forms to create alternative, intentionally exaggerated versions of reality: paint drips, ground is left visible, and figures are left ambiguous to foreground the materiality of paint and surface. Madelynn lives and works in London, UK.