Rive Roshan

Black Round Colour Shift, 2019

Colour sublimated glass and mirror

Edition of 20Design90 x 90 x 3cmShips from Netherlands



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About the Artist

Rive Roshan is an experimental design studio run by Ruben de la Rive Box (b. 1981, Netherlands) and Iranian-Australian designer Golnar Roshan (b.1986, Australia). It explores innovative use of materials to design tactile, flexible and engaging products. Rive Roshan has a particular interest in colour, texture and materiality. The studio is based in the Netherlands.

About the Artwork

The Trichroic mirror is an edition of circular coloured mirrors. The mirror has an optically animated appearance and can transform reflections through the direction of lines. The piece is part of a collection of on going explorations into the interplay of colour through transparency and reflection. 2 Available.